The easiest way to get to the airport

The journey by public transportation takes 35 minutes, buy the 90 min. ticket (40 CZK) in the metro station, do not forget to validate it at the entrance.

  • Take metro A (the metro station is next to the faculty building) to the station Nádraží Veleslavín
  • Follow the directions to the bus stop (I prefer taking the elevator directly from the platform all the way up to the street level)
  • Take bus 119 (from the station full of people waiting :-))
  • Get off at “Terminal 2” for the flights in EU, “Terminal 1” for the flights outside EU


Public Transportation

Public transportation in Prague is very convenient and very reliable.
The closest metro station is Staroměstská (A-line = green), the closest tram stop is also called Staroměstská (tram 2, 17, 18).
You will find more detailed information on public transportation, including fares here.

Find the best connection that is available within the Prague Integrated Transport system in the PID app. You can download it for free in GooglePlay or App Store.

NB: Prague taxis are safe, but they very often charge excessive price unless you order ahead, ideally online. 

Airport Transfers

  • Public Transportation

Don’t hesitate to use public transportation – it is fast, convenient, and cheap. There is a bus stop right in front of the airport terminal. Take the bus 119 all the way to the terminal station Nádraží Veleslavín (approx. 15 minutes). Change to the metro (A-line = green) and you will reach the centre of Prague in 10 minutes (for the conference venue, get off at Staroměstská).
You will need the 90 minute ticket (40 CZK, approx. 1,50 Euro). You can buy it contactless in a machine located in the bus. The ticket is already printed with a date and time, and you do not validate it. The ticket is valid for any transportation means within the 90 minutes, i.e. for your whole journey.

  • Taxi

The airport’s contractual taxi service is operated by TICK TACK s.r.o. Contract taxi vehicles are available 24 hours a day right in front of the arrival halls of both terminals. You can simply take the taxi there or book it online. The fixed price for the ride to the city is 688 CZK (29 €).

In Prague, Uber, Liftago, and Bolt operate as ride-sharing services, offering prices that may be lower than the official taxi service, depending on the time of day.

Arriving by train? 

If you go directly to the conference venue, take metro (C-line = red) in the direction “Muzeum”. The entrance to the metro station is located at the ground floor of the railway station.

At the Muzeum station change for A-line (green) and get off at Staroměstská.

You will need the 30 minute ticket (30 CZK, approx. 1,10 Euro). You can buy it in a machine located at the entrance to a metro station. Do not forget to validate the ticket at the entrance to a metro station. The ticket is valid for any transportation means within the 30 minutes, i.e. for your whole journey.

Getting Around by Bike

Finally, bikes are becoming a common means of transport in Prague. There are some bikesharing companies, such as ReKola or NextBike, and also some bike rentals, e.g. Okolo.

More detailed information and maps on getting around Prague by bike are here. (And there is an app, too – in GooglePlay or App Store).

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